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Resealable Cellophane Bags, Australia

Now you can buy clear resealable cellophane bags in New Zealand

CELLO BAGS SHIPPED TO NZ! We are very excited to announce that our friends across the ditch can now buy gallery quality clear resealable cellophane bags from our online store in Australia. Over the years we have had many enquiries from New Zealanders looking for our peel to seal cello bags but we've been unable to help them as the paperwork involved was just too laborious to make it viable.  Well now we are thrilled to have negotiated a special agreement with Star Track that enables us to send up to 2kg of cello bags to New Zealand for just $15 AUD! And delivery is super...

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Our resealable cello bags are recyclable!

Good news from REDcycle this month confirming that our cello bags are recyclable via their wonderful program that turns soft plastics into durable outdoor furniture! Our cellophane bags are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (commonly called  BOPP - it's bit easier to spell!!) which, along with grocery bags, bubble wrap, cereal box inners, bread bags, confectionery wrappers, pasta and rice bags and many other types of plastic packaging is recyclable. REDcycle accept any plastic that can be squished into a ball and they invite you to collect any plastic that passes "the scrunch test" for them to recycle. Often council collections do not accept these soft plastics...

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Sealing cellophane bags to make them air tight - two handy gadgets

Heat sealers and soldering iron pencils are a couple of alternatives to using the self adhesive strip on your resealable cello bags and the benefit is the seal will be absolutely air tight - plus you may even be able to get several bags out of each one! Both methods use a heat source to melt, cut and seal the plastic, all at the same time. Lay the bag across the clamp and push down. Voila!   To use the soldering pencil, run it down a metal ruler. There are plenty of different makes and models available for purchase on the internet. Or...

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Need cello bags urgently? Got a cellophane bag emergency?!

No! Don't panic! Resealable Cello Bags, Aus. is just a phone call away. Choose Express Post at checkout or you can even come by and collect the cellophane bags same day.   You know what it's like. You've been so focused on getting your goods ready for that market stall or exhibition coming up, you've completely forgotten about the packaging! It's Thursday. You don't have time to drive all over town looking for clear resealable cello bags of a specific size!! So how nice is it that is just a click or phone call away? We have the largest range of cellophane bags...

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Resealable cello bags without writing on the seal!

Plain, clear cellophane bags without text We are moving away from the resealable cello bags with SEAL KING branding on the seal. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE SEAL KING adhesive. It's so good and reliable with a genuinely resealable stick. BUT it seems a good number of our customers (and other would-have-been customers) prefer their cello bag packaging completely blank. That means no print anywhere, not even the discreet white type on the sealing strip at the back of the bag that we have. So, we approached SEAL KING and got them to make adhesive seals without their branding!...

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