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New A3 oversized cellophane bag!

Large bags

A number of (primarily) artists said that although our 310 x 430mm resealable cello bag was fantastic for an A3 print, even one that had a backing card or mount board, when it came to protecting a piece of A3 art that had already been framed, they were left wanting.

So, we've added A3 oversized to our range. The A3 plus bags are 320 x 440mm (the resealable flap is in addition to the 440mm length) so the bag can accommodate an A3 item with approximately 20mm of thickness.

These larger than A3 cello bags are $38.50 for a pack of 100 or buy 500 and only pay for 400 and you'll find them already available for purchase on our web site at

Please note, this size does not accommodate what is commonly referred to as "A3+" items. Although not part of the ISO International Paper Standard (and therefore may vary between manufacturers), "A3+" is usually around 329 x 483mm. The only resealable bag we have to fit "A3+" is our 410 x 570mm cello bag. The 570 length will fold over at 483mm but the excess in the width (81mm) would need to be folded over and stuck with tape for a snug fit.

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