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Introducing even more cello bag sizes!

New products

As a result of customer requests, we are happy to announce the arrival of several new resealable cello bag sizes which we've added to our range recently.

DL Flyer Sized Cello Bag
The first is 105 x 250mm and was originally requested by Ian Pye from a real estate agency in Gympie, Queensland. One Agency, Gympie needed them to do a mail out of a DL flyer with a loyalty card attached (which they wanted to be sure didn't get separated from the card). Clearly their promotion went well as it wasn't before long that they needed another 5,000 bags!

A Cello Bag to Fit One DL Envelope and Card
Card makers who use DL envelopes will be happy to now find 115 x 220mm resealable cello bags in our range. These cello bags fit one DL envelope with a card exactly, just leaving the resealable flap to fold at the back.

An Exact Fit Cellophane Bag for 15cm Square Envelopes
Brand new on our web site is a 155 x 150mm cello bag that will suit card makers looking to package their 15cm square envelope and cards. Although in the past we've catered to this need with a 155 x 230mm bag, this size is an exact fit, with just the resealable flap folding over the back.

Large, Long, Narrow 25 x 40cm Cello Bag
While we were at it, we thought we should be able to offer a large long, thin cello bag. We've had people request this size before, for retail sales of calendars. So now you can special order 250 x 400mm sized cello bags. Just give us a week or so notice. 

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