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A2 size clear resealable cello bags, now available in Australia!

A 430 x 605mm crystal clear cello bag for A2 prints

A2 clear cellophane bag for A2 artwork

These A2 cello bags are big enough to fit an A2 poster or art print with backing board, foam board or mount board.

A2 measures 42 x 59.4cm, so these completely clear 43 x 60.5cm cello bags have 1cm extra in both width and length to accommodate thickness plus giving room to move the item in and out without difficulty.

Artists have waited a long time for this huge A2 sized cello bag to be made available in Australia, so they can present their artwork in stylish packaging that doesn't detract from the art itself. The bags have a neat, sealed seam and are a lustrous 40 micron thick and as we've said before, they are completely clear (not cloudy like some plastic bags).

Show off your art prints, not the packaging!

Clear plastic bags for A2 posters

You'll be ready to hand over your product at market days, instantly, without fear of damage to your work while you're handling the product. Gallery and gift shop owners will also love you for it.

A2 cello bags protect your A2 art until it's framed so you can be assured it will arrive home safely with your customer. 

At only 66 cents each (or less if you buy more than 100), it's cheap insurance.

Best packaging for large artworks

Stop mucking around, wasting your precious time with sheets of cello and pieces of sticky tape. Besides, is that the look you really want for your quality art piece?

Roll artwork and seal with adhesive strip for handover at point of sale

The extra length in these A2 bags also means you can roll the item, whilst it's in the cello bag and still protect it entirely. A clever trick is to use the sticky strip to hold the roll in place! At point of sale, your artworks can be stored flat for viewing but the bag can be opened, rolled and closed again using the genuinely re-useable adhesive strip. Rollling your piece will also undoubtedly be more practical for postage purposes. 

Some artists say these cellophane bags actually ADD to the perception of a quality product. Presentation is everything! So your 66c could also be considered an investment.

Buy 2 packs of 100 to qualify for free standard shipping (applies to all orders over $75) or to get the bags at only 53 cents each, buy in bulk packs of 500.

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