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How to find the right sized cello bag

Self sealing cellophane bags are a convenient way to display your product and protect it from finger prints, dust and moisture. And at Resealable Cello Bags, Australia we have a huge range. But how do you know which size will be the perfect fit for your product?

How do I work out what size cello bag I need?

If your item is flat and fairly two dimensional, you're safe enough choosing a self sealing cellophane bag that is about 5mm wider than your product, so long as it accommodates the length. 

A sealable cello bag that is too long can simply be folded further around the back of your item and stuck at any point for a snug fit. So it's the width measurement that is more critical.

However, if the object to be packaged is an irregular shape or thick, the width and length are only two of the measurements you need to consider as the thickness (height or depth) has to be taken into account as well.

How do you do that? Well, we've made it easy! Just follow these simple instructions: 

1. If you have multiple items, put them in a plastic bag / glad wrap them / wrap them up like a parcel in paper first so they hold together in the shape you want

2. Take a length of ribbon or string and wrap it around the widest part of the object to be placed in the bag

3. Mark where the ribbon meets itself

4. Measure the length along a tape measure

5. Divide by 2 and add a few millimetres. This gives you the minimum width of the cellophane bag you'll need. 

6. Do the same with the longest part of the object. This gives you the ideal length. Bear in mind that a flap with the resealable strip is in addition to the length measurements listed on our web site.

If after this exercise you're no closer to working out the best self seal cello bag for you, just give us a call and one of our friendly staff will assist!   :)

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