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Our resealable cello bags are recyclable!

Good news from REDcycle this month confirming that our cello bags are recyclable via their wonderful program that turns soft plastics into durable outdoor furniture!

REDcycle makes durable furniture out of recycled plastic packaging

Our cellophane bags are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (commonly called 

BOPP - it's bit easier to spell!!) which, along with grocery bags, bubble wrap, cereal box inners, bread bags, confectionery wrappers, pasta and rice bags and many other types of plastic packaging is recyclable.

REDcycle accept any plastic that can be squished into a ball and they invite you to collect any plastic that passes "the scrunch test" for them to recycle.

What does a REDcycle collection bin look like?

Often council collections do not accept these soft plastics but REDcycle do and the drop off point may be as convenient as your local supermarket. You can find your nearest collection point here

Please go to to the REDcycle website for more information.

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