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Resealable cello bags without writing on the seal!

Plain, clear cello bags without writing on the seal

Plain, clear cellophane bags without text

We are moving away from the resealable cello bags with SEAL KING branding on the seal. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE SEAL KING adhesive. It's so good and reliable with a genuinely resealable stick. BUT it seems a good number of our customers (and other would-have-been customers) prefer their cello bag packaging completely blank. That means no print anywhere, not even the discreet white type on the sealing strip at the back of the bag that we have.

So, we approached SEAL KING and got them to make adhesive seals without their branding! How obliging are they?!

Gradually, as new shipments arrive, we will phase out the ones with print and replace them with resealable cellophane bags that have absolutely no text anywhere. That's zip, zero, nada, none! If your preference is for completely blank cello bags, please let us know when you place your order.

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