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DL flyer DL brochure 1/3 A4 cello bag

105 x 220mm (fits DL flyer)


New size! SOLD OUT!
(Try 105 x 250mm instead)


These "DL flyer" cellophane bags fit 1/3 of an A4 sheet beautifully. They're 105 x 220mm and like all our cello bags, come with the lip n' tape resealable adhesive strip. 

If you need to package a DL pamphlet that's one third of an A4 sheet (9.9 x 21cm), this bag is a great fit as it's 10.5 x 22cm (+3cm flap).

These new bags have no print anywhere, not even on the resealing strip.

They are food grade, acid free and archival.

Note if you need to put a DL envelope (110 x 220mm in your cellophane bag, grab our 115 x 220mm size or for multiple DL envelopes, the 125 x 250mm cello bag.)

$11.00 / 100
$44.00 / 500


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