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10.5 x 22cm long cello bags

105 x 250mm resealable cello bags - SPECIAL ORDER


These cellophane bags are handy for thin items measuring about 10cm x 25cm (+3cm flap).

At 105 x 250mm they also easily accommodate 1/3 of an A4 sheet (99 x 210mm) for your DL flyer mail out. (The excess will fold around the back of your card).

If you want a tighter fit for your DL pamphlet, select the new 105 x 220mm bags. 

We usually have a few packs in stock for immediate dispatch but to ensure you have your bags by the time you need them, please allow up to a week extra for delivery.

These bags have very small white text on the seals (that says "SEAL KING : Resealable Cover Raise This Flap To Open") once the cover liner printed with red writing is removed. 

Note if you need to put a DL envelope in your cellophane bag, grab our 115 x 220mm size (or for multiple DL envelopes, our 125 x 250mm cello bag.)