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Rectangular food grade SEAL KING resealable cellophane bags

ON SALE! 50% OFF! 75 x 150mm resealable cello bags

$4.95 $297.00


Self seal bags with a plain resealing strip. That's right! No text anywhere on the bags, not even the seal.

The seal is still premium SEAL KING brand but without branding.

At 7.5 x 15cm (roughly 3 x 6 inch) these crystal clear, 40 micron self sealing cello bags are handy for a multitude of uses. If they're a little too long, the excess can simply be folded further around the back of your item before sealing, to create a snug fit.

These Resealable Cello Bags :

  • are a nice, thick 40 micron (many other brands are half that!)
  • have a lovely crispy feel
  • are absolutely crystal clear
  • are seam free
  • are food grade
  • are acid free
  • are archival
  • are water resistant
  • are completely plain
  • have a genuinely resealable self adhesive strip - open and close multiple times without ruining the bag
  • have a reliable 5mm wide sealing tape
  • come with a 30mm flap in addition to the measurements
  • do not discolour or become brittle with age
Buy wholesale resealable cello bags by selecting the "WHOLESALE BOX OF 5000" option from the drop down list above - this month 3c per bag!

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