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If you don't NEED 40 micron, why pay for it?

These cello bags are made of a thinner film – 30micron instead of our usual 40micron.

The theory is, if you don’t need thick bags, why pay for it. Also a step better for the environment, as there is less plastic used to manufacture them. Imagine if the whole world only used the thickness of plastic required for the job? It’s a win – win! :)

Suitable for use with lightweight items, like art, cards, photographs, prints, certificates, posters etc. There is no 'give' in our bags and as the seam is not reinforced with stitching, so it's important your item fits comfortably.

See the price list here (N.B. Only available in packs of 500)

If you'd like to place an order for our budget cello bags, please call during business hours.

These 30 micron, budget resealable cello bags:

  • cost 25% less than our usual 40 micron bags
  • are absolutely crystal clear
  • have no print on the adhesive seal (just the tear away liner)
  • feature the reliable Seal King peel to seal adhesive strip
  • are genuinely resealable
  • have heat sealed seams (not ugly stitched seams)
  • are archival / acid free
  • are made of food safe biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) but ARE NOT made nor packaged in a certified food grade facility (just like most cello bags on the market)
  • are recyclable along with other soft plastics
  • will give your product a professional finish

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