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We are proud to present the latest additions to our resealable cellophane bag range!

Just like our other cello bags, they are 40 micron and absolutely crystal clear. 

Our Resealable Cello Bags :

  • are a nice, thick 40 micron (many other brands are half that!)
  • have a lovely crispy feel
  • are absolutely crystal clear
  • are seam free
  • are acid free
  • are archival
  • are water resistant
  • have a genuinely resealable self adhesive strip - open and close multiple times without ruining the bag
  • have a reliable 5mm wide sealing tape
  • come with a 30mm flap in addition to the measurements
  • do not discolour or become brittle with age
  • are recyclable
Over the years we've responded to market demand and introduced new cello bag sizes, as required. If you can't find what you're looking for in our entire cello bag range, please let us know your needs. You never know, your perfect sized cellophane bag might be the next addition.