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Wholesale and large orders

Looking to buy resealable cellophane bags wholesale or in large quantities?

Anyone can buy our beautiful cello bags at wholesale prices! You don't even need an ABN.

Just look for the "Wholesale box of 5,000" option* on the product page, under "Choose Pack Size..." You'll save a whopping 40% off the 100 pack price!

Don't envisage working your way through 5,000 bags for a while? (Although it should be noted our bags do have a long shelf life). You can still take advantage of our bulk packs of 500 which saves you 20%. Effectively you'll be paying for 4 packs and getting an extra one free!

And remember, everyone who buys over $75 worth of our cello bags is also entitled to free shipping, saving you even more!


Prices advertised on our website INCLUDE GST.

* Wholesale box of 5,000 limited to smaller sizes and not available all products.