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We are packing our bags for good

Good bye from the Bag Ladies

It's time to say goodbye

A message from the business owner

Hello dear customer,

Since the collapse of “RedCycle”, the only Australian soft plastic recycling scheme, and having not found any suitable environmentally friendly alternative to our product, I have decided to shut shop. Why? I simply don't want to sell plastic bags anymore.

One day humans will return plastic to its raw components (overseas trials have already been successful) or our governments will be forced to recycle plastic, which lasts in the environment forever, into items we want to last forever – like road base (already happening in India and Victoria has conducted its first trial), roadside bollards, pallets, etc. But it’s just not happening fast enough for this passionate environmentalist.

I started this business before we realised what a curse plastic is. Over the years, I have been proud to lead a team who produced extremely little waste by reusing and recycling everything possible. We even reuse other businesses’ waste to pack and post our products and have encouraged you and your end users to reduce, resuse or recycle our products.

We have shared our income with environmental causes and donated $1000’s of stock to op shops and community fundraising initiatives. We’ve run the business responsibly and ethically. The Bag Ladies (and Bag Gentlemen too 😉) have a stellar reputation for ease of purchase, quality product, customer service and speedy delivery.

So where does this leave you? Well, there are now plenty of other Australian suppliers who can provide you with what you need. (What can we say? Where we have led, others have followed.) An online search for “resealable cello bags, Australia” will net you good results.

Once the stock we have on hand has gone, that’s it – we’ll close the doors. Some lines have already sold out. So, grab what you need while you can.

Thank you sincerely for your business. We wish you all the best.