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Rectangular self sealing cello bag, food safe

115 x 155mm resealable cello bags

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Food grade cello bags

All of our bags are made of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) which is a food grade material. It's the same stuff Tim Tam and Tic Tac packets are made of - just in varying thickness.

These cello bags (and most of our stock) have no printing on the sticky sealing strip.

Our small plastic bags come with the convenience of a resealable adhesive strip. These ones measure 115 x 155mm.

So if you're looking for food grade cello bags for your commercial operation, do ensure they are made of food grade material - like ours! :)

These are not the soft plastic zip lock bags, but gallery quality, 40 micron thick, crunchy, super clear sleeves with a premium self adhesive strip.

Clients use these 115x155 "cello" bags to package dog treats, mixed lollies and ribbon that's sold per meter. But the uses are endless.

A well known Victorian coffee shop chain uses this size for their house baked gourmet cookies.

11.5 x 15.5cm clear resealable cellophane bags have a wide variety of uses apart from dry food items, including an A2 envelope (110 x 146mm) or multiple 4 x 6" photos. (4 x 6" converts to 102 x 153mm).

There is a 3cm tab in addition to the 15.5cm length which has the sticky strip.

Customer supplied photo credit : Fruitiliizcious

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mary-Anne Marnham
Great little cello bags

I have purchased these bags, off these ladies, may times. They’re wonderful! There wear well, look great and always arrived soon after ordering. I’m very sad to see this business is ending but wish them well

Donna C
Qick delivery

Easy ordering and quick delivery


As yet I have not used these bags but intend to use them for packing knitted baby bootees and mittens for sale as I find people are more likely to purchase goods if they are covered but can still be seen.

N Fernandes
Here some photos

Here is a photo to go with my cards ! Thank you for such high quality cello bags !

N Fernandes
Great resealable bag

I’m just new to making greeting cards as a side gig and was on the hunt for some decent resealable bags ! Nothing to be found here in Aotearoa that suited me but thanks to you guys, I have been able to purchase them affordably and use them to sell my cards:) finishes them off well x
Thank you! Also postage tracking was amazing !