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16cm square envelope size cello bag for 15cm sq card - 16.5 x 16cm

16cm square envelope size cello bag (165 x 160mm) - sample


Designed to fit a 16cm square envelope & card

This large square cellophane bag is made especially to accommodate a 16cm envelope and square greeting card. It allows 5mm in the width for your 16cm square envelope then a 3cm flap (with self adhesive seal) folds over exactly at the top of the envelope for a neat finish.

Of course, this 165 x 160mm bag will also fit a number of 15cm square envelopes and cards if you want to package them as a set.

There is no printing on the adhesive strip which is ideal for cards that also have printing on the back.

They also happen to be food grade so if you want to pack your lunch sandwiches while you're at it, go right ahead!

  • 40 micron (40um)
  • crystal clear
  • premium quality
  • food grade
  • completely plain

If you know this is the bag you need, head to the 165 x 160mm cello bag purchase page.

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Vicki Hunter (Brisbane, AU)

Good fit.