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C4 cello bags, clear, resealable

230 x 330mm (C4 size), mixed seal styles + bonus stock

$12.10 $96.80

Packaging for t-shirts. C4 size clear cello bags

A great suggested use for this sized cello bag is t-shirt packaging. Animals Australia puts their tee shirts in them! Check out Animals Australia's t-shirt range (tee shirt purchases help stop animal cruelty).

Approximately C4 size (a C4 envelope is 229 x 324mm) these cello bags are crisp and crystal clear and come with convenient lip & tape adhesive strip.

Apart from Tshirts, measuring 23 x 33cm (+ 3cm flap), these cello bags also fit art prints with backing board, 25 or more A4 sheets (depending on the thickness of the sheets), small posters, large photographs and more.

As these bags are effectively C4 in size themselves, they will not fit a C4 envelope inside them. If you need to fit a C4 envelope INTO a cello sleeve, please go the next size up - 240 x 330mm. And should you wish to put your item into a cello sleeve and then INTO a C4 envelope, please go the next size down - 220 x 310mm.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Gail Annesley
A4 Size

These bags are the perfect size for my knitted baby jackets, embroidered towels and other craft things that I make and sell at the Werninck Craft Cottage.

Exceptional quality and service

The quality of product is always exceptional. Super fast shipping. Won’t buy my bags anywhere else.

Dianne L

Just what I wanted and promptly delivered!

Brenda Sanderson
Great Products

Bags a strong and versatile and am able to seal, open and reseal without compromising the bags. Bags also keep shape reasonably well when moved around a lot. (Boxed to displayed to Boxed) I am really happy with purchase thank you.

William Hackney
Excellent product

Awesome service
Fantastic quality