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40 micron thick cello bag (40um). 300 x 400mm cellophane bag

40 micron thick cello bag (300 x 400mm) - sample


I'm a bit thick

But that's a good thing when it comes to cello bags. :D

"Micron" is the unit of measure for the thickness of the film used to make a cello bag. I'm 40 micron, which is quite thick in the world of cello. This makes me strong and means I'll give your product contained therein the distinct impression of quality. (Can you picture me beaming with pride?)

I am crisp and crunchy and even have a convenient sticky sealing strip.

But don't worry, despite my thickness, I'm still absolutely 100% crystal clear. Think - glass! Now that's clear!

At 30 x 40cm (+ 3cm flap) I'm also a big cello bag. So, yes, big and thick. But don't forget strong! Which makes me ideal for big items like linen, long sleeved t-shirts and so on.

Anyway, enough about me. I know you'll love me. ;)

You may like to skip the sample and buy these big, thick cello bags today.


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Great quality

Got an array of samples to test for two purposes
1. Packaging our business (Hart Family Photography and Design) products in for post/sale
2. Packaging angel gowns in prior to donating to hospitals etc.

These bags are perfect and I will be placing a full order in the new year.