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Self seal small SEAL KING resealable cellophane bags

75 x 150mm resealable cello bags


Small cello bags

At 7.5 x 15cm (roughly 3 x 6 inch) these crystal clear, 40 micron self sealing cello bags are handy for a multitude of uses. If they're a little too long, the excess can simply be folded further around the back of your item before sealing, to create a snug fit.

These resealable cello packaging bags :

  • are a nice, thick 40 micron (many other brands are half that!)
  • have a lovely crispy feel
  • are crystal clear
  • are seam free
  • are acid free
  • are archival
  • are food grade
  • are water resistant
  • have a genuinely resealable self adhesive strip - open and close multiple times without ruining the bag
  • come with a 30mm flap in addition to the measurements
  • do not discolour or become brittle with age
  • are recyclable along with your other soft plastics
  • are great value for money

ALSO AVAILABLE in 30micron budget range 25% CHEAPER! Same quality bags and seal, just thinner film. Packs of 100 / 500 / 5000. Call 0400 937 234 to place your order.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      elaine retallick
      Resealable bags

      Thank you for your wonderful service. I am so sorry that you are closing your business down. Elaine Retallick

      Alexander Korchagin
      Great Service as always

      Great product great Service Will buy it again and again and again

      Monica Renaud
      Great for mixed nuts and choc bags

      I have now use these twice to make goodies bags for exhibition openings. Perfect one handed size so that show goers can hold a drink in the other hand.
      Thank you, once again they worked perfectly.

      Launnie Pops
      Amazing Quality!

      Inlove with the quality of their products! Definitely my new go to for all my cello bag needs. Bulk prices are decent and there are many varieties to choose from! I want them all!

      Kalliopi Dadou
      Cello bags

      Great quality, fast delivery