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Business card or fridge magnet sized cello bag 6 x 10cm

Business Card size cello bag (60 x 100mm) - sample


Have fun promoting your product

At 6 x 10cm, these little cello bags are ideal for a product sample packaged with your business card for your next marketing campaign.

These little cello bags also fit a USB stick with your business card.

A tandem hang gliding business tells us they use them to package a business card sized fridge magnet with an SD card of the customers' flight.

Made of biaxially oriented polypropylene ("BOPP"), the bags are absolutely see through.

Keep a pack of these small cello bags in the bottom kitchen drawer. They're handy for keeping little things together - like stamps and discount coupons. And they're also great for packing small quantities of consumables in your overnight toiletries bag - a length of dental floss, a few cotton buds and balls, eye makeup wipes. One customer uses them for her sons lunch order and money. You'll be amazed how useful these business card sized clear cellophane bags are!

No sample required? Head over to the 60 x 100mm cello bags listing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Taylor (Newcastle, AU)

These bags are great quality. They were shipped quickly and packaged well.
I love that samples are offered. I ordered a few differences sizes to figure out what would work best for me and I will be putting through another ordering. thank you

Sarah Ivanov (Sydney, AU)
Great size and great product

Great quality. Perfect size for my upcoming planned enamel pins on a business card backing. Fits them nicely! Thank you

cara thomson (Mount Waverley, AU)
Exactly what I needed!!

Awesome quality exactly what I was looking for. I have since ordered a couple of packs plus larger sizes for other products. Quality is wonderful and I will be getting more as needed. I use these to store my handmade earrings for displaying and also to keep business cards in so i can give them out and do business card swaps with other businesses locally. I can hand out 1-10 cards in each bag.
Resealable cello Bags have a customer for as long as i need the bags :)