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Multiple C6 envelope size cello bag for set of cards, 12.5 x 18cm

Multiple C6 envelope with A6 cards size (125 x 180mm) - sample


Professionally package a set of A6 greeting cards with envelopes

We had a number of clients find themselves with 12 x 18cm envelopes for their handmade cards. Being a non standard size envelope, they had trouble finding resealable cellophane bags to fit. So we introduced the 12.5 x 18cm cello bag. (We're helpful like that :D)

Bearing in mind that the flap with the self adhesive tape is in addition to the 18cm length, these bags are perfect for 120 x 180mm envelopes. Problem solved!

The bonus was we discovered they also fit 5 - 6 A6 cards with C6 envelopes. So if you want to sell your standard sized greeting cards in a set (say around 5mm thick), this is the right sized cello bag for you!

(If you want to package just one A6 card with C6 envelope, choose one of the previous two products - our 120 x 180mm or 120 x 162mm cello bags.)

I'm sure that these are right for me, so take me to where I can buy 12.5 x 18cm cellophane bags!