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Clear cello bags to package multiple DL envelopes, 12.5 x 25cm

Multiple DL envelope size cello bag (125 x 250mm) - sample


Clear packaging for multiple DL envelopes

This is a 12.5 x 25cm cellophane bag plus 3cm flap with peel and seal strip.

25 DL sized envelopes fit into this 40 micron cello bag snuggly.

A DL envelope is the standard "business sized" envelope in Australia. It measures 110 x 220mm. (Incidentally, this cello bag will also fit a few DLE or a DLX envelope and card. DLE is 114 x 224mm and DLX are 120 x 235mm. They are all standard, Post Office Preferred sizes. I know! We're just a fountain of information, aren't we?!)

But seriously, landscape photographers love this sized bag for their multi packs of DL cards with landscape panoramic images.

Boutique paper stores use this size bag to sell smaller packs of DL envelopes when they've bought them in bulk boxes and need to divvy them up.

And because they're also food grade (not just the cello, but they're also made and packaged in a certified food grade facility), cafe's and other various food companies use them too.

Skip the sample, I want to buy cello bags to pack multiple DL envelopes now.